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Financial Counselling and Resource Identification


Financial Counselling and Resource Identification are crucial services for Kidney Failure patients and their families, as the costs associated with treatment and care can be significant. These services aim to provide guidance, information, and assistance in navigating financial challenges and identifying available resources.

Here are some aspects of financial counselling and resource identification for kidney failure patients:
Cost Assessment

Financial counsellors work with patients to assess the potential costs associated with kidney disease treatment, including dialysis, medications, laboratory tests, surgeries, and post-transplant care. They help patients understand their insurance coverage, out-of-pocket expenses, and potential financial implications.

Financial Planning

Financial counsellors can assist patients in developing a comprehensive financial plan to manage healthcare costs. This may involve budgeting, exploring cost-saving strategies, and evaluating available financial resources to ensure the affordability of treatment.

Insurance Navigation

Understanding health insurance coverage and maximising its benefits is crucial. Financial counsellors help patients navigate the complexities of insurance plans, including Medisave, Medishield Life, Medifund, Medication Assistance Fund Plus, private insurance, and other available programs. They provide guidance on resources that would inform on coverage options, eligibility requirements, and the claims process.

Government Assistance Programs

Financial counsellors can help patients identify and access government assistance programs such as Medisave, Medishield Life, Medifund, Medication Assistance Fund Plus, early CPF withdrawal based on advanced illness or disability, etc. These programs can provide coverage for medical expenses, prescription medications, and income support for eligible individuals.

Patient Assistance Programs

Many industry partners and non-profit organisations offer patient assistance programs that provide financial assistance or discounts for medications and treatments. Financial counsellors can help patients explore and apply for these programs based on their specific needs and eligibility criteria.

Charitable Organisations and Foundations

There are charitable organisations and foundations that offer financial assistance or grants to individuals with kidney disease. Financial counsellors can help patients identify and connect with these resources to obtain financial support for treatment-related expenses.

Local and Community Resources

Financial counsellors are knowledgeable about local and community-based resources that may provide financial assistance, transportation services, housing support, and other forms of assistance. They can help patients access these resources based on their individual needs and circumstances.

Employment and Disability Benefits

Financial counsellors can provide information on employment rights and reasonable accommodations for individuals with Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure. They can also guide patients through the process of applying for disability benefits if they are unable to work due to their condition.

Appeals and Negotiations

Financial counsellors can assist patients in navigating the appeals process if insurance claims are denied or coverage is limited. They can also negotiate with healthcare providers and facilities to explore payment plans, discounts, or financial assistance options.

Patient Advocacy

Financial counsellors serve as advocates for patients, helping them navigate the healthcare system and ensuring their financial concerns are addressed. They can collaborate with healthcare providers, social workers, and other support services to find appropriate solutions and resources.

At RHS, we have a team of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals, who actively collaborate with industry partners, healthcare institutions and organisation, to provide financial counselling and resource identification services.  Please contact us for more information.
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