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Renal Health Services

A not-for-profit organisation supporting Singaporeans
at risk of or having developed kidney related disorders

We appreciate the generous supporters & collaborators

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The Issue

1 in 3 Singaporeans will suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease by 2030

Singapore is currently #1 in the world for Diabetes Induced Kidney Failure and has also been consistently in the top 5 for Kidney Failure prevalence (per 1000 population). There is an increasing number of patients requiring End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) services due to their Kidney Failure in Singapore, with the number projected to increase 3 folds by 2030.


There will be a projected ~900,000 Singaporeans affected by CKD by the year 2035. This is leading to a progressive resource constraint for life-saving treatment provision to these vulnerable patients, with a large number unable to secure a suitable therapy slot in a timely manner. The healthcare expenditure for Kidney Disease is in the top 5 categories which consume the annual healthcare budget in Singapore and is rapidly increasing.

Patient Education Video on Kidney Disease Screening


Our Services

A patient-centric approach, with programs driven by subject matter experts, in an inclusive model to provide an integrative platform to healthcare institutions, industry partners, academia and regulatory authorities.

Kidney Disease Screening and Preventative Guidance
Haemodialysis Provision and Support
Kidney Transplant Awareness and Donor Support
Notepad notes
Financial Counselling and Resource Identification
Clinical Research and Trials for Innovation in Care
Peritoneal Dialysis Provision and Support
Group therapy
Patient Advocacy Forums
Early Access Programs for Treatments and Solutions
Palliative Care and Conservative Kidney Management Programs
Social and Psychological Support Programs

A not-for-profit company that is all about giving back

Renal Health Services (RHS) supports, advocates and enables optimised kidney related health, patient well-being and holistic care for the Singaporean community. 

A team of dedicated professionals interact with like-minded community members, industry partners and health care organisations to provide care for patients most at need and work to reduce the growing burden of kidney disease in our community.

RHS with its unique public-private partnership model to support its not-for-profit projects, aims to drive down kidney healthcare cost and increase efficiency in reducing the incidence of CKD, as well as providing accessible Kidney Failure treatment modalities to all members of the community, irrespective of their financial capability (support tiers based on means-testing). 


Board and Management Team

We are a unique Kidney Care dedicated Not-for-profit organisation, with a Board and management team comprising of leading Nephrologists (Kidney Specialists) in Singapore, having strong training and vast cumulative experience spanning many decades.


We fully understand each step of the patient journey during their struggle with illness, having personally witnessed these issues in clinical settings and support the patient not only at a management level, but also with the patients at the front lines.  The Board is also supported by a wide variety of professionals from other walks of life to give valuable inputs, as well as aid in accountability and transparency.

Support Us

RHS values the generous support of organisations and individuals alike to helping enable the services we provide. Please contact us should you have an interest in donating to this important cause.

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